The village of Afitos

About the area

Afitos or Athitos? That is the usual question one has to answer when asked for the name of this rock-built village, located in Kassandra, Halkidiki.

Both names are in fact valid, since Afitos is the modern name of the ancient village Afitis, a well known city of ancient and classic times, whose history begins in 3000 B.C.


Having the ancient greek god Ammon Zeus as it’s protector (Zeus was depicted in the city’s ancient coins), and member of the second Athinean alliance, Afitos is often referred to in many ancient manuscripts by Herodotus, Aristoteles, Ksenofon, Thukididis, Stravonas ect. In the early 19th century, and specifically after it’s crucial contribution in the 1821 rebellion, Afitos underwent a major structural development and became the head town of Kassandra.


At that particular time begun the construction of the rock built houses and the temples of the town, landmarks of the town until present day.
Walking from the citadel of the ancient town, “Koutsomilos”, until “Vrahos”, one can enjoy the view at the Toroneos gulf and Sithonia. The town hides many of its surprises for the visitors in its beautiful little streets. The blue waters of the sea and the cultural events held here every summer are the simplest reason why someone should visit the village, this beautiful traditional place which is a landmark for people of all age.


Afitos with the magnificent combination of cultural tradition of ages, uniquely beauty of nature and many options for staying and entertainment is an essential part of every traveler in Halkidiki.

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