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Where to go! How far is from Afitos? What’s the tourist attraction?

  • Folklore Afitos’ Museum

The Folklore Museum of Afitos is housed in a traditional listed building dating to 1889 in the central square of the village, which was donated by the Aletras family. There is a display of folk exhibits created on the initiative of the painter Nikos Paralis and are courtesy of the village residents. During summer, the building is hosting also cultural events like art & photography exhibitions.

  • Saint Dimitrios Church in Afitos

Set in the main square of Afitos, the church of Agios Demetrios was built in 1858 on the ruins of an early Christian church which was destroyed in November 1821 during the “Kassandra’s Holocaust”, like the whole village.
The Basilica of Agios Demetrios was built with locally quarried stone and is the largest Eastern Orthodox Christian church with a dome in Halkidiki. There is an icon of Mary the Afytiotissa, from the 14th century brought there from Constantinople. The church is open all day and the locals regularly attend services.

  • Byzantine Tower in Nea Fokea

In the village of Nea Fokea stands what is perhaps the best preserved of all the towers in Halkidiki, the Byzantine tower of the namesake village. The Tower in Nea Fokea, also known as St. Paul’s Tower holds a dominant position on the hill at the right side of N. Fokea’s port. It’s 17m high and it’s an old Byzantine fortress that is likely to have been built in 1407, and partially destroyed by fire in 1821. Its purpose was the protection of farmers working in the “metochi” of St Paul’s Monastery. 6,5km from Afitos

  • Petralona Cave

One of the most impressive and important caves in Europe and the earliest traces of fire which have ever been lightened by hum hands on Earth! There is an Anthropological Museum next to the cave which contains many of the archaeological findings of the cave. 41 km from Afitos.

  • Ancient Shrine of Ammonas Jupiter

A famous temple from ancient times is the shrine of Ammonas Jupiter, which was discovered quite a few years ago and was to be found in the center of the ancient city of Aphitis, 3 km south of where it is situated today (near the borders of Kallithea).

  • Natural Thermal Spa of Agia Paraskevi

Due to its unique composition of chemical elements containing rare sanative properties, it rejuvenates both body and spirit. On the cliff, in a magnificent setting overlooking the Aegean Sea, the natural spring spa where the ancient Greek art of water-healing with all the riches of itsunique local water sources meets a modern spa.31km from Afitos

  • Boat cruises

Different cruises around the Toroneos gulf, Mount Athous and to Ammouliani island are taking place during summer. We are happy to help you book a seat!

  • Archeological Museum of Vergina

If you love history, this is the place to be!

The burial sites of the kings of Macedonia, including the Philip the II  father of Alexander the Great!

Entrance is allowed from Wednesday to Monday 09.00 – 17.00 129 km from Afitos.

  • Aristotle’s Park

The park is located in Stagira, Aristotle’s hometown. It includes series of instruments which when used properly will show the phenomena of nature. All of this is dedicated to the famous philosopher and his work called “the Natural”. Entrance is allowed from Monday to Sunday 09.00 – 19.30 Ticket price 2 Euros  98 Km from Afitos.

  • Mount Athos

Greeks call it ‘Holy Mountain’. It’s ruled by 1700 Monks who live in it’s 20 Monasteries. Mount Athos is unique in that part of Greece yet an autonomous republic and some of the Monasteries date back as early as the 9th Century. You can have a cruise round the mountain. There are boats from Ormos Panagias, 63 km from Afitos and Ouranoupolis, 107 km from Afitos.